Laser Tag Hire

Laser Tag is one of our most popular and fun activities. It's the activity that get everybody excited, even us big kids (it's a real staff favourite!). Perfect for schools (an ideal year 6 treat) or event - Laser Tag has something for everybody.

The concept of the game is simple - run around in our tardis-like maze trying to hit the opposing team with your laser gun without getting hit yourself. The scores are shown outside of the maze and the team with the most points wins! If you're looking for fun and excitement, this is the activity for you.

Our Laser Tag game is fully mobile, allows 8-10 players at any one time and comes complete with a scoreboard, so that any spectators can see a live display of which team is winning. We usually run lots 3-5min games as part of a tournement for structured sessions, which minimises any waiting around which makes for an incredibly fun session.

Each of our guns have built in sensors and coloured lights for team identification, and our maze comes complete with an internal smoke effect which increases the laser effect. The maze itself is 10x10 metres and has built in hiding positions. The height of the maze is enough for most grown ups to stand up without a problem.

Our Laser Tag is our most popular activity and is ideal for almost any situation. It works very well for Fete's and fairs because the whole family can play together, with minimal amount of queuing thanks to the speed of the preparation and game play. It's one of few activities that people come back to time and time again.

Schools - be warned - the children may be talking about this for weeks!


  • Suitable for most ages
  • Up to 10 players at a time
  • Fully trained instructors
  • Suitable as a 'drop-in' or structured activity
  • Can be set up outdoors on grass or indoors (in an area of 15x15 metres)
  • Requires a 13amp power supply
  • £5 million Public Liability Insurance

To find out more about our Laser Tag Hire, check availability and pricing send us a message or call us on 01733 511 033