Accessible climbing wall Hire

Here at The Outdoor Education Company, we are incredibly proud to be able to offer everybody, regardless of any disabilities, the opportunity to get to the top of our Climbing Wall.

Our team have experience in working with all manner of people at all kinds of different events. Our unique equipment and systems allow people with disabilities the opportunity to experience climbing in a way that meets their needs.

This could be anything from a traditional harness with additional roped support, through to our unique 'chair harness' suitable for wheelchair users. If you want to get to the top, we can get you there. We are even able to assist with transferring from wheelchairs, as we can provide our own electric hoist.

Some people have the strength and mobility to do the work for themselves; either traditional climbing or using our rope and pulley system. Other users need our assistance to pull them to the top, either way, everybody has the opportunity to look out from the top of our 7.2 metre tall climbing wall.

We are flexible in the way we can set up our climbing wall and can run a combination of different systems that can allow able-bodied and disabled users to climb side-by-side.

There is no extra charge for our accessible climbing equipment and we always bring a small amount of equipment with us to school/group climbing sessions, so that nobody needs to be excluded. We will ask if any participants in a group are likely to need any accessible equipment before they day, so we can bring the most appropriate equipement in addition to our comprensive 'standard' kit.

For solely accessible bookings, we will bring everything we have, which will cover a huge variety of abilities/disabilities. We might just ask to borrow a chair to aid with transfers (if required). More information/pictures of our climbing wall can be found HERE

Some of the feedback we've received:


  • Unique accessibility equipment
  • Experienced, qualified instructors
  • All safety equipment provided
  • Suitable as a 'drop-in' or structured activity
  • £5 million Public Liability Insurance

To find out more about our Accessible Mobile Climbing Wall Hire, check availability and pricing send us a message or call us on 01733 511 033